Aayla Secura: a little-known story

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Aayla Secura had a brief but highly acclaimed stint in the Star Wars saga. Considered a great Jedi, she made a name for herself thanks to her provenance from the student universe and her addition to the canon. Her story was developed in the Legends universe, although she appeared in the prelogy films.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the character, his story, from his birth to his death, all thanks to the various works in the extended universe that have paid tribute to him.

Most of his story is told in the various issues of the Star Wars: Republic comic book series, part of the Expanded Universe. It’s important to remember that a large part of its existence is seen as non-canon.

Aayla Secura Star Wars story

The birth of Aayla Secura Twi’lek

His youth is recounted in Star Wars 19: Obscure Memory 1 in the Star Wars: Republic comics. Aayla Secura was born in 48 BC, during the time of the Old Republic.

His home planet is Ryloth. She’s one of the Rutians, a subspecies of Twi’lek with blue skin and cranial tentacles. These are called lekkus.

How did she join the Jedi Order?

Originally destined to be sold into slavery, her fate was changed when a Wampa attacked her. Rescued by a Padawan named Quinlan Vos, he discovered that the young Twi’lek was Force-sensitive. Sensing her potential, the Padawan introduced her to his master. That’s how his training began.

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Milestones in its history

Mission on Tatooine

This is the era of Aayla Secura’s first missions in the comics. Accompanied by her master, she carried out various missions on the planet. What we can remember is that she made a new friend named Xiaan Amersu.

Considering the latter as a sister, Aayla then gives her her heart of fire, an object supposed to contain the spirit of both giver and receiver as a symbol of their friendship. The story takes place during Qui-Gon Jinn’ s meeting with Anakin Skywalker.

His elevation to the rank of Jedi Knight

Fallen into Pol Secura’s trap, Aayla receives Glitteryll, a drug that gives her amnesia. While her master tries to free her by confronting her uncle Pol, Aayla accidentally uses the Force and kills him.

She then decided to take revenge on Quinlan Vos. In a confrontation, he managed to restore his Padawan’s memories, thanks in part to her lekkus. Following these events, the two went their separate ways.

On a mission to investigate Morgukese who were out to capture her cousin Nat Secura, Aayla managed to defeat the enemy. She also managed to save her new master Tholme and Nat. Thanks to her exploits, she was elevated to the rank of Jedi Knight by Mace Windu himself.

Meeting Grievous

This event takes place in the 2003 Clone Wars series. With a group of Jedi, including masters, they find themselves surrounded by an army of droids led by General Grievous.

The latter decides to take care of the Jedi alone. Outmatched by his lightsaber skills, the heroes are quickly defeated. It’s thanks to a group of allied Clones coming to their rescue that Aayla and a few others survive.

It was a landmark confrontation not only for Aayla Secura, but also for the Jedi in her company.

Teaming up with Ashoka

This event takes place in the 2008 version of the Clone Wars series. So it’s a hot event. After being rescued by Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano, their ship crashes on Maridun. While Anakin recovers from his wounds, Ashoka learns a lesson from Aayla.

The twi’lek teaches him that a Jedi must act for the good of all, not out of attachment to his master. The scene is reminiscent of the strong bond Aayla shared with Quinlan Vos.

This scene is striking: Aayla teaches a Padawan for the first time.

The death of Aayla Secura

The scene takes place in the film Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. This passage is therefore canon in contrast to the events in the comics. She had gone on a mission to Felucia with clone commander Bly and a Padawan named Erika.

After a call for more clones, Bly is ordered to carry out order 66. Without Aayla having time to understand, the clones shoot her in the back. And so the Jedi’s life came to an end, along with those of the others.

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Aayla Secura’s personality

Aayla is often portrayed as an exemplary Jedi. Indeed, she was a hard worker and an obedient Padawan to Vos. Following her fall to the dark side and her redemption, she became even stricter about the Jedi code.

As a Jedi Knight, she shows even greater devotion to the light side, even giving lessons to Ahsoka Tano. As a teacher, she is a true role model. She can be both tender and strict.

This behavior can be seen when she plays the role of second master to young Ahsoka after Anakin. However, there’s one Jedi rule she can’t respect, and that’s the ban on love.

She often felt an attachment to acquaintances such as her former master, Bly, but especially Kit Fisto. Indeed, like Anakin, Aayla Secura has already experienced feelings of love, something that Jedi generally dread.

Aayla Secura’s abilities and powers

Trained from an early age, her talents with the lightsaber are not to be overlooked. Indeed, she has learned several forms of Jedi art, such as the V form, as well as the Jar’Kai. His training is also quite advanced. This is what enables him to fight with two swords.

As a Jedi, she is able to use Jedi telekinesis and force camouflage. However, his best use of the force is in Jedi persuasion. In addition to her natural Twi’lek charm, she has a special attraction for men.


Who plays the role of Aayla Secura in the movies (Aayla Secura actress)?

Originally a trainee production assistant at Industrial Light Magic, Amy Allen was chosen by Georges Lucas himself to play the Twi’lek in Attack of the Clones. In fact, she reprises this role in the following film for the character’s final moments. 

Where did the idea for Aayla Secura Star Wars come from?

The character was the brainchild of Star Wars comic book artist Jan Duursema. Aayla was created with the aim of creating several Twi’lek characters like Nat, whose cousin she is. Georges Lucas then decided to make Aayla the first character in the Extended Universe to be canonized in the films. 

Who plays Aalya Secura in Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

2008’s Clone Wars series gave the character a chance to shine in a canon product and get a voice. She’ll be played by Canadian Jennifer Hale, who gives her a French accent. The script for the Aayla-centric episodes was written by George’s daughter Katie Lucas, as an assistant to Bill Canterbury, already a scriptwriter on the series.