About us

1. A 100% fan team

We’re a brand of fans, by fans, for fans.

A team of enthusiasts work with us to produce our lightsabers. They include electronics engineers, designers, assemblers, videographers, account managers and IT developers.

2. A Passion for Quality & Detail

Every day, our craftsmen work hard to produce lightsabers of the highest possible quality.

Each product is checked before shipping. All the materials used are chosen with meticulous attention to detail. For example, we chose polycarbonate for the blades, as it is 250 times more resistant than glass.

3. Technological know-how

Our lightsabers aim to be realistic and create an immersive experience.

We use the latest technology to reproduce cinematic lighting effects. For example, our lightsabers make a noise every time they “bump” into an object.