Black lightsaber of the Mandalorian people

The Mandalorian people are known for their fierce warriors and legendary weapons. Among these weapons, the black lightsaber is one of the most mysterious and fascinating. Linked to the history of the Mandalorian people, this sword was created over a thousand years ago by a Mandalorian. This sword is unique and symbolizes power and authority.

Characteristics of the “Darksaber

black lightsaber

The blade: it has a flat black blade that can produce white sparks when used. In addition, its unique shape and serrated edges give the weapon an aggressive and dangerous appearance.

The handle: unlike other lightsabers, its shape is not cylindrical but rectangular, with straight lines. The upper part of the handle has a guard to protect the hands from enemy attacks, as well as a slot that contains the blade emitter.

Power: The “Darksaber” is considered a very powerful weapon. He can repel Force lightning and even absorb some of the light from the surrounding elements, which reinforces his dark side.

Symbol: For the Mandalorians, this weapon is a way to maintain their culture and identity in a constantly changing galaxy. That’s why this particular lightsaber has often been considered a trophy by the Mandalorians’ enemies.

History of this black sword


The Black Saber is a legendary weapon that was created approximately one thousand years ago by Tarre Vizsla, a Mandalorian ancestor of the Vizsla clan, who was also the first Mandalorian to join the Jedi Order. Originally intended for the chief of the Vizsla clan, this weapon has become a symbolic relic of the clan that has gained in importance over the centuries.

After Tarre Vizsla’s death, the black saber was recovered by the Jedi and carefully preserved. Over time, it became an object of desire for the Mandalorians, who led numerous attacks to recover it.

Eventually, the leader of the Death Watch, Pre Vizsla, managed to get hold of the weapon and become its owner. Pre Vizsla used the Black Saber to battle many Jedi during the Clone Wars. He fought Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi on Concordia and Ahsoka Tano (with her white sabers) on Carlac. Despite its use by the Mandalorians, this black blade has remained a treasured weapon that embodies Mandalorian pride and tradition.

The Mandalorian Black Lightsaber is a legendary weapon that embodies the history and traditions of the Mandalorian people.

Who is the owner of this sword?


Not everyone is the owner of the weapon. It is necessary to respect the custom so that the weapon obeys. Precisely, Madalorian custom requires that the rightful owner of the sword has defeated its former owner. Otherwise, the transfer of the sword will be illegitimate and the sword will be unmanageable.

The black-bladed lightsaber is acquired by defeating its former owner, making the new owner a true leader. The black blade is therefore a mark of prestige and power, symbolizing the strength and expertise in combat of its owner.

Who were the holders of this weapon?

Tarre Vizsla

The first known holder of the black lightsaber was Tarre Vizsla. He is a Mandalorian who was the first of his people to join the Jedi Order. After his death, the weapon was kept by the Jedi, until it was finally recovered by the Mandalorians of the Vizsla clan. Since then, the black lightsaber has become an important symbol for the Mandalorian people.

Din Djarin

In the TV series “The Mandalorian”, Din Djarin (called “Mando”) retrieves the black lightsaber from the Imperial arsenal after infiltrating a warship. He then discovers that Bo-Katan Kryze, another Mandalorian, is looking for the black lightsaber in order to regain power on Mandalore.

Mando eventually gives the black lightsaber to Bo-Katan, claiming that the blade is rightfully hers as a descendant of House Vizsla. This scene underlines the importance and significance of the black lightsaber to the Mandalorians, as well as the value of tradition and heritage in their culture.

Pre Vizsla

During the Clone Wars, Pre Vizsla acquired the Black Lightsaber and used it to defend his people against the Jedi. Pre Vizsla was the leader of the Mandalorian political faction called Death Watch. He was a formidable warrior and an experienced fighter, able to wield both traditional Mandalorian weapons and lightsabers. As such, he had great respect for the black lightsaber and its significance to the Mandalorian people.

Vizsla finally managed to obtain the black lightsaber by challenging and defeating the Dark Jedi, Komari Vosa. He then used the weapon to strengthen his position as leader of the and lead his warriors in the fight against the ruling Mandalorian government.

However, Vizsla finally met his own fate in a battle with his rival Darth Maul. In an epic duel, Maul triumphed and became the new holder of the black lightsaber.

black lightsaber

Darth Maul

Darth Maul was cut in half and left for dead during his duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, it is often overlooked that he survived because of his hatred and his connection to the Force. Having lost his double red lightsaber during this episode, he became obsessed with regaining absolute power. So he set out to find the legendary black lightsaber.

He finally found the weapon and used it to establish his dominance over the galaxy’s crime syndicate and part of the planet Mandalore. The acquisition of the black lightsaber was a key moment for Darth Maul, symbolizing his rise to power

Other holders of the black lightsaber

Over the years, other characters have also had the chance to wield the black lightsaber, such as:

  • Sabine Wren, member of the crew of the animated series “Star Wars Rebels
  • Bo-Katan Kryze, a Mandalorian warrior appearing in “The Mandalorian

Some works where the black sword appears:

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008): in the animated series, the black lightsaber is introduced for the first time and belongs to Pre Vizsla, leader of the Death Watch faction.
  • Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018): the black lightsaber appears several times in the animated series, always in the hands of Maul, who acquired it after killing Pre Vizsla.
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018): although the black lightsaber is not directly present in the film, it is mentioned by Dryden Vos’ character as an artifact belonging to one of his competitors.
  • The Mandalorian (2019-): in season 2 of the series, Din Djarin’s character meets Bo-Katan Kryze, a Mandalorian woman who reveals to him that the black lightsaber is still alive and that she must retrieve it in order to unite the various Mandalorian clans.
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021-): In the animated series, the black lightsaber is briefly shown as being recovered by an Imperial Army clone, leaving it unclear what happened to the weapon afterwards.


Who can use a black lightsaber?

According to Mandalorian tradition, one must defeat the current holder of the sword to acquire it, suggesting that only the most worthy warriors can earn the use of the black lightsaber.

Can the black lightsaber cut the beskar?

No, beskar is a very strong metal used by Mandalorians to make their armor. This material is extremely resistant and the black lightsaber was designed to be unable to cut it. 

Why is the black lightsaber so rare?

The black lightsaber is rare because there is only one known black crystal in the Star Wars universe. It’s hard to find and even harder to handle. 

Who is the first known holder of the black lightsaber?

The first known holder of the black lightsaber was Tarre Vizsla, a Mandalorian who was also the first of his people to join the Jedi Order.

Who used the black lightsaber in the Star Wars movies?

The black lightsaber has been used by characters such as Pre Vizsla in the animated series “The Clone Wars”, Darth Maul in “Star Wars: Rebels”, and Din Djarin in “The Mandalorian”.