Cristal Kyber: All you need to know

Kyber Crystal is the main component of the Jedi lightsaber. If you’ve ever wondered why those famous swords glowed and lit up every time a knight was about to use them, well, now you know the answer: it’s thanks to these crystals.

As you may have guessed, these are not classic stones. They do have specific properties and powers. What is it? Where do they come from? What are they for?

Find out all you need to know about these mysterious galactic crystals.

Cristal Kyber: what is it?

Kyber Crystal is an extremely rare mineral found only in certain parts of the galaxy. Because of its special properties and the powers it contains, it is used as the main material in the manufacture of lightsabers. At first, because of the difficulty of handling it, its use was reserved exclusively for the Jedi. But later, it was also used by the Sith.

Origins of Cristal Kyber

We don’t know exactly how these crystals were created, or why they only exist in certain places. We do know, however, that they originate in the heart of the rock, and are only found in areas subject to recurrent tectonic faulting. It is the friction of a continental plate with an oceanic plate that enables them to rise to the surface of the planet. And the more of these contacts there are, the more the crystal emerges and grows just like a tree.

As the story unfolds, it also becomes clear that the Jedi Knights weren’t the only ones who wanted to exploit it. He was already revered several centuries before the start of Star Wars.

Kyber crystal colors: their meaning

Kyber crystals are colorless at the base. But once it’s in the hands of a fighter, it takes on a color all its own, and that color is definitive. This color has a special meaning, as it is assigned according to the personality and abilities of the person holding it.

cristal kyber

Kyber blue crystal

The blue Kyber crystal lightsaber is probably the most famous in the saga. This is the color of Anakin Skywalker’s saber in Episode VI, Star Wars: The New Hope. This color indicates great dexterity in combat, but also bravery and courage. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker also fought with a blue Kyber crystal lightsaber.

There are also :

  • Green Kyber crystal : this color indicates wisdom, spirituality and empathy. This is the color of Master Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn’s saber.
  • Purple Kyber crystal : very rare, this color indicates a good balance between the two sides of the Force. She was notably marked on Mace Windu’s lightsabers in Episode II, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones; and by Darth Sidious in Episode III, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.
  • Yellow Kyber crystal: for Jedi Sentinels who combine combat and diplomatic skills. Lightsabers with yellow blades were mainly used by Temple guards.
  • The orange Kyber crystal : also nicknamed the Kyber Fallen Order crystal, as lightsabers with this blade are first seen in the game. It represents the warriors of the Old Republic.
  • Black Kyber crystal: the blade of this color was used on Tarre Vizsla’s saber. Shorter and sword-like, this unique model has become a legendary symbol of the Mandalorian people.
  • Red Kyber crystal: this is the color of the crystals that equipped the lightsabers of Sith warriors. These are blades that have undergone a “bleeding” process. This is the case, for example, with Darth Plagueis ‘ saber or Darth Revan (as a Sith).
  • White Kyber crystal: this color indicates great mastery of the Force, but also purification. The white blade equipped Ahsoka Tano’s two sabers in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. These sabers belonged to the Sith and were originally red in color. But the warrior succeeded in purifying them.

Features and properties

They can evolve and grow

Kyber crystals are special, above all, because they can grow like a living being. The more time passes, the more the crystal emerges from the earth and grows. This explains why their size can vary enormously. In the Kyberite veins where they develop, small ores can be found, which are therefore considered young crystals. And you can also find stones of extraordinary size. These are the ones who, by virtue of their seniority, have the most power.

In the saga, these gigantic ores were used to create the most powerful stars: The Sith Temple of Malachor, Darth Sidious’s Death Stars.

They react to contact with living beings

The Kyber Crystal’s ability to interact with living beings makes it unique. It is a particularly sensitive mineral that can react differently depending on the individual with whom it comes into contact. Strictly speaking, in the Saga it’s the crystal that chooses the Jedi Knight it wants to associate with, not the other way around.

To get his saber, the young Jedi knight must go to a Kyberite lode. Under the influence of the Force, he’ll automatically be attracted to the crystal that’s right for him. Once he finds it, a bond is forged between the knight and the stone. Only then will the Kyber take on its final color.

cristal kyber

They are connected to the Force

Kyber crystals have a special connection with the Force, particularly with the Light side. This is why the Jedi have obtained a monopoly on their exploitation and use.

They can, however, be used by the dark side of the force. In the saga, we see that the Sith have succeeded in subduing them, in order to use them to create powerful weapons of war. But the process that enables them to reach this level of submission is long, complicated and aggressive. This is why, when they succeed, the crystals turn red. This means they bleed, but they don’t lose their powers.

They are extremely powerful

The Kyber Crystal contains great powers. In addition to its intrinsic link with the Force, the Kyber crystal is an evolutionary matrix composed of both organic and mineral matter. It’s the extraordinary energy it releases that materializes to become the blade of the lightsaber. What’s more, it’s particularly hard-wearing, able to withstand all kinds of intense aggression, such as extreme temperatures and violent shocks.

That said, this power can be treacherous. Although robust, crystal can crack. When this happens, as was the case with Ben Solo’s (Kylo Ren) blade in Episode VII, the blade can glow unusually brightly and become unstable. In some cases, it can even explode in the hand of the person holding it. It should be noted, however, that this depends on the quality of the stone and the powers it contains. The same thing happened to Anakin Skywalker’s saber blade. But his weapon still retained all its powers.

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What are Kyber crystals used for?

Jedi use of the Kyber Crystal

Those who were on the Light side of the Force, notably the Jedi, used Kyberite crystals:

  • For lightsaber manufacturing.
  • To decorate their building.

Sith use of Kyber crystals

When the Sith realized the potential of this galactic crystal, they also wanted to exploit it. This prompted the Jedi to protect the crystals and hide them. Their enemies then embarked on a series of robberies and plunders. They destroyed lightsabers and went so far as to collect the Kyber crystals that adorned Jedi temples in order to obtain them. After the collapse of the Galactic Republic and the emergence of the Empire, they finally managed to steal them all.

They mainly used it to make powerful weapons of war, including :

  • Palpatine’s ships
  • The Temple of Malachor
  • The weapons used on First Order ships


Where can I find Kyber crystals?

Caves containing Kyber crystals are few and far between. They are only found on certain planets. The most important veins are located on Ilum, Christophsis and Lothal.

What is bleeding?

It’s a process used by the Sith to subdue the Kyber crystal to make it usable on the Dark side of the force.