Genuine Laser Saber: the Fans’ Exploit!

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For decades, the lightsabers featured in the Star Wars saga have captured the imagination of science-fiction fans. Most of us would love to own a real lightsaber. But some people take this desire more seriously than others!

But what about the possibility of making a real lightsaber at home, using the modern technologies at our disposal?

The technologies needed to create a functional lightsaber, as depicted in the films, are still in the fictional stage… However, there are some fascinating options for reproducing a highly realistic version of this iconic object.

Let’s explore manufacturing options

Laser sabers based on laser diodes

One of the most popular approaches to creating a functional lightsaber is to use powerful laser diodes. These laser diodes emit an intense, concentrated light, but need to be enclosed in a specially designed housing. By using reflectors and lenses, the laser beam can be guided through the saber to achieve a visual effect similar to that of a lightsaber. Although these replicas cannot cut through solid objects, they can produce an impressive beam of light.

Laser sabers based on light tubes

One method commonly used to recreate the appearance of a real lightsaber is the use of light tubes. These tubes, made from transparent or semi-transparent materials such as polycarbonate, are combined with colored LED lamps on the inside. Using illumination and light-scattering techniques, these tubes can produce a stunning lighting effect, simulating the appearance of a lightsaber.

LED light saber

Although they can’t generate a real laser beam that can cut through objects, these tubes offer a realistic and aesthetically pleasing alternative to recreate the experience of a real lightsaber. If you’re looking for a lightsaber that captures the visual essence of this iconic weapon, this light-tube method could be the one for you.

Plasma-based laser sabers

Another advanced option is to use real plasma arcs to create a cutting lightsaber. This method requires specialized knowledge of plasma engineering and physics. Plasma arcs are generated by high-voltage devices that ionize a gas, creating a column of visible plasma. By carefully controlling this plasma column, it is possible to obtain an intense glow that resembles that of a lightsaber. However, this method is extremely complex, dangerous and requires in-depth expertise to be carried out safely.

luminous laser sword

Although it’s not possible to make a real working lightsaber as seen in the Star Wars films, there are various options for recreating a realistic version for cosplay or entertainment purposes. Whether you opt for laser diodes, light tubes or even plasma arcs, it’s important to observe safety rules and never use these replicas irresponsibly. Whichever option you choose, the world of lightsabers continues to fascinate fans and stimulate the imagination.

What’s more, if you’d like to own your own realistic lightsaber, you can also explore the options available online at our saber site, where you’ll find a selection of high-quality lightsaber replicas that capture the essence of this legendary weapon. For example, lightsabers are available in various colors, reminiscent of Obi-Wan and Kylo Ren ‘s lightsabers.

They’ve created a real lightsaber, but at what price?

A few people have managed the remarkable feat of creating andinventing the real lightsaber that can be admired in the Star Wars saga in their own way. These technological visionaries have devoted many years to their project, working tirelessly and patiently to bring to life an authentic lightsaber capable of cutting with precision.

At SXSW, Disney unveiled an impressive lightsaber that looks more real than life. Presented at the Star Wars Galactic StarCruiser, this object uses innovative technology to create the perfect illusion.

Although the technical details are kept secret, a patent available online gives an idea of how it works. This real lightsaber is exclusive for the moment, but it’s generating a lot of interest among fans who’d like to own their own working version. Its cutting and shrinking potential adds to its appeal. It remains to be seen whether a commercial version will be offered in Disney parks in the future.

Other people have also succeeded in creating their blade after ten years’ work. Alex Burkan succeeded in creating a real lightsaber with a plasma blade, earning him a place in the Guinness Book of Records. His lightsaber produces a plasma blade over a meter long, and is capable of cutting through steel plates at extreme temperatures in excess of 2,800°C. However, the lightsaber does have a few drawbacks, such as a limited range of around thirty seconds at full power and a hydrogen torch that lacks stability. This lack of stability can make Kylo Ren’s blade seem unstable. Despite these shortcomings, Alex Burkan’s invention is a significant step forward in the race to create a true plasma lightsaber.

plasma laser sword

But it’s not the only one!

In the race to create a real cutting lightsaber, Alex is up against other competitors, including the team from YouTube channel The Hacksmith. Although their team also developed a realistic lightsaber, powered by oxygen cylinders and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), their creation had to be constantly plugged in to function. That’s why their lightsaber hasn’t been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.

In the future development of this technology, it is essential to take into account both the price of a real lightsaber and the level of knowledge required to make a realistic replica that captures the spirit of the saga. However, the use of plasma in lightsabers represents a major breakthrough that is arousing a great deal of interest, particularly among Star Wars fans and physicists with a passion for this field.

Could the lightsaber exist using plasma?

Although plasma cutters are capable of producing jets of hot plasma used to cut conductive materials such as steel, they can ‘t recreate a real working lightsaber as seen in Star Wars. Here are a few reasons why the plasma-based lightsaber remains pure fiction:

  • Plasma power limitations: Plasma cutters require a large source of electrical power to operate. Even the most powerful of them couldn’t generate a beam long and powerful enough to be comparable to a lightsaber.
  • Lack of a solid blade: Even if a plasma cutter could be transformed into something resembling a lightsaber, it wouldn’t function as such. A plasma-based lightsaber would simply be a jet of fire, not a solid blade. Plasma jets would pass through each other, making duels impossible.
  • Power constraints: In the history of “Star Wars: The Old Republic”, the first lightsabers, called Proto-Sabers, were powered by large batteries carried by the user. However, this would severely restrict the user’s movements, as they would have to move around with a cumbersome power source.

In short, using current plasma technology, it’s not possible to create a real, working lightsaber that looks like the one in Star Wars. Despite advances in science, the lightsaber remains a creation of the imagination and fiction.

green lightsaber

Conclusion: is it possible to create your own lightsaber?

That’s probably the question you’re asking yourself after reading all this information, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we’ll get back to you !

First of all, let’s go back to basics and define the characteristics of a lightsaber in the Star Wars world we all know…

The lightsaber, as it is known in the Star Wars universe, has several distinctive features:

  • It produces a retractable incandescent blade approximately 1.3 meters long.
  • The blade is emitted by a handle and can be activated and deactivated with a


  • Lightsabers contain enormous amounts of energy and are capable of rapidly melting large quantities of metal.
  • They are powered by a Kyber crystal, an ultra-powerful, compact energy source.
  • Lightsaber blades are extremely dangerous, and can sever limbs in a single stroke.
  • Despite their power, lightsabers are not hot enough to burn the hands of their user. They have a certain stability that makes them easy to use.
  • When two lightsabers meet, the blades clash rather than pass through each other, making for unforgettable lightsaber battle scenes.

It’s time to face reality: faithfully reproducing a lightsaber blade as depicted in the Star Wars saga remains impossible for the time being. The technical challenges and limitations inherent in today’s technologies prevent us from fully realizing this dream of many fans. However, some enthusiasts and scientists are not giving up on this quest.

Research is underway to explore the use of magnetic fields to create the first truly functional lightsaber. The idea is to use these magnetic fields to contain and shape plasma, thus creating a blade similar to the one in the saga. However, these efforts face major obstacles.

One of the main problems is the rigidity of the plasma contained in a magnetic field. Despite the progress made, it is not yet possible to make plasma solid enough to be used as a weapon. On top of that, the intense heat generated would make using the blade unbearable for the user.

Also, the vulnerability of magnetic field confinement poses an additional challenge. Any external disturbance, such as magnets, could alter the shape of the blade in an unpredictable way, resulting in burn hazards for the user.

So, although scientific research is actively exploring new approaches to creating a real lightsaber, the current hurdles of rigidity, excessive heat and vulnerability to disruption make the task extremely complex.

While we look forward to seeing whether future technology will enable us to realize this dream, it’s important to bear in mind that the magic of science fiction often lies in its imaginary nature, and that the lightsaber remains for the moment an object of fiction unattainable in our reality.

red light saber

How do I get my lightsaber?

It’s clear, therefore, that the production of a functional lightsaber identical to the one used in the Star Wars saga remains out of reach for the time being. However, that doesn’t mean fans have to give up the idea of owning their own lightsaber.

Fortunately, alternatives exist to recreate the aesthetics and experience of a lightsaber. A popular example is the use of polycarbonate light tubes, which emit a bright light and can be fitted with multicolored LEDs. Although not capable of generating a real laser beam, these light sabers offer a realistic and aesthetically pleasing option.

For enthusiasts looking for an even more immersive experience, illuminated and audible lightsabers are available. Equipped with a multicolor LED and built-in speaker, these faithful replicas feature different sound fonts that add a sonic dimension to their use.

Although they’re still fictional replicas, these light sabers and sound sabers offer an entertaining and captivating experience for Star Wars fans. They allow fans to immerse themselves in the saga’s universe and experience epic moments as they recreate iconic lightsaber battles. Transform yourself into Rey with a yellow lightsaber, or Yoda with his iconic green lightsaber.

While we wait for a major technological breakthrough to create a real, working lightsaber, these alternatives offer a fun way to celebrate and share your passion for Star Wars. May the Force be with you in your quest for the perfect lightsaber!