Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber

Initially, Kylo Ren was in possession of a blue-bladed lightsaber. At the time, he wasn’t yet a Kylo Ren, but Ben Solo, the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa. His saber turns red when he betrays Luke Skywalker and turns to the dark side alongside Snoke.

How did Kylo create his lightsaber?

The bleeding ritual

The Kyber crystal inside Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is the one he obtained as a Padawan. The Kyber crystals used by the Jedi produce a blade with a pure, brilliant light. But Kylo’s Kyber crystal is cracked and emits a red light. This color difference is due to the “bleeding” ritual that Sith Lords are obliged to perform on their Kyber crystals.

Kylo’s lack of experience means that he almost ruined his crystal when building his lightsaber, making it cracked and unstable. To solve this problem, he had to add vents called “quillons” to both sides. These evacuations allow to manage the excess of energy and heat produced by the cracked crystal. Without these devices, Kylo’s lightsaber would most likely have exploded during the ritual.

NB: even a crystal damaged by bleeding can be repaired. For example, Ahsoka changed the color of her sabers. They were red and became white.

The “bleeding” ritual is a difficult and demanding process. It involves the meditation of a Sith to pour all his hatred on the crystal until it stops resisting. This intense process can be seen as an act of submitting the crystal to the will of the Sith. When the crystal stops resisting, it begins to bleed, emitting a red light that reflects the anger, hatred and violence of the Sith controlling it.

A dangerous ritual, sometimes with serious consequences

sword of ren

Due to its unstable and violent nature, the “bleeding” ritual is considered extremely dangerous and can lead to serious consequences for the Sith who performs it. Some legends tell of Sith who lost their minds after undergoing this ritual, while others say they were trapped in an eternal cycle of violence and hatred.

Despite these potential dangers, the Sith continue to practice the ritual of “bleeding” to gain the power they desire. Ultimately, this reflects the impulsive and dangerous nature of the dark side of the force, as well as the lust for power that drives the Sith to turn to extreme means to achieve their goals.

As for Kylo Ren, it is clear that his own mental instability was reflected in his choice to perform the “bleeding” ritual on his Kyber crystal. This instability is also reflected in the way he uses his lightsaber, as well as in the challenges he has faced as leader of the Knights of the Order of Ren.

Ultimately, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber symbolizes the impulsive nature of its owner, which can be seen as a warning to others who may be tempted to follow the same path.

Kylo’s sword fights

rey versus kylo ren

Kylo Ren has used his lightsaber many times as Supreme Commander for the Knights of Ren and the First Order. For example, with his sword he killed Lor San Tekka, during the attack on Tuanul. However, one of his most memorable battles came when he confronted his father, Han Solo ( Lando‘s sidekick). This fight symbolized Kylo Ren’s inner battle with his convictions and doubts, as well as his desire to surpass his father.

When Rey entered the scene, Kylo Ren was challenged on a whole new level. Their first confrontation, though brief, showed what a force Rey was not to be underestimated. The two clashed several times afterwards. Each fight was more intense and more meaningful than the last. Kylo Ren was determined to defeat Rey and convert her to the dark side of the Force, while Rey sought to bring him back to the light. Their final battle, at the Battle of Crait, was a defining moment in Star Wars history. In the end, it is Rey with her lightsaber who wins, challenging Kylo Ren.

The menacing sound of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber

kylo ren lightsaber

It’s not just the look of his new lightsaber that’s different, it’s also the sound it makes. When Kylo activates his lightsaber, there is that familiar humming sound that we know mixed with something else, an electric crackle…

It is a terrible sound, unique for a sword, and this is done on purpose!

Kylo Ren’s lightsaber was designed to be intimidating and dangerous, and this is reflected in the sound it makes. Unlike regular lightsabers, the sound of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is erratic and spasmodic, giving the impression that it could explode at any moment.

Matthew Wood and David Acord, sound editing supervisor and sound designer for “The Force Awakens,” described Kylo Ren’s lightsaber as having been built by an amateur. “It crackles when it lights up, so we wanted an electric sound that was both unfinished and menacing. We wanted it to have a dangerous sound.”

David Acord described the creation of the sound of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber as reflecting the raw, unfinished power of his character. He wanted the sound effects to be wild and dangerous, matching the sparkling appearance of the main and additional blades.


Where did Kylo Ren draw his inspiration for the design of his lightsaber?

Kylo Ren found his inspiration in the old lightsaber design found in the Old Republic era. The latter were like our medieval knights, the “guarded” sword being the standard model of the time. It was this design that allowed Kylo to adapt his cracked crystal and use it safely.

Why was it necessary to put a guard on the sword?

During the “bleeding” ritual that allowed Kylo Ren to change his saber from blue to red, the crystal of the saber was damaged. The energy coming out of the saber is no longer controlled, so Kylo has developed a guard that allows the crystal to diffuse through 3 different channels, thus compensating for the instability caused by the crack.