Rey Skywalker’s Yellow Lightsaber

Since her appearance in the Star Wars saga, Rey Skywalker has quickly become a popular, admired and respected heroine. She mainly wields a blue lightsaber throughout the three films. But, the end of Episode IX changes the game: Ray brandishes a whole new yellow lightsaber. This event immediately gave rise to many theories…

Theories about Rey’s yellow lightsaber

Theory N°1: the balance between the two sides of the Force

The first theory is that the yellow lightsaber symbolizes the balance in the Force, representing the fusion of the light and dark sides. This theory is based on the fact that Rey is the first Jedi in a long time to have used a yellow lightsaber in the Star Wars universe.

This same theory is supported by the events of the trilogy. Rey had to face up to her own dark side, as did Kylo Ren, son of Han ( Lando‘s friend), who also fought his own inner battle. However, Kylo Ren has sided with Rey’s grandfather, Palpatine. Rey finally convinced Ben to return to the “good” side of the Force and join forces to defeat evil.

Thus, Rey’s yellow lightsaber could represent her ability to overcome the darkness of the Force and find a balance between the two sides. In this sense, it is interesting to note that the color yellow is often associated with wisdom and intelligence, which might suggest that Rey has reached a deep level of understanding of the Force.

Theory N°2: the balance between emotion and reason

Another theory about the yellow lightsaber is that it represents his inner strength, his ability to balance his emotions and his reason.

Throughout the trilogy, Rey has faced many inner challenges. His ability to resist the dark side has often been tested. A prominent example is when Rey was on the island with Luke Skywalker, where she was drawn to a pit on the island that belongs to the dark side during an exercise with her master. Rey even noticed during this exercise that the last Jedi, Luke, has completely withdrawn from the ways of the Force and wishes to take no further part in the wars. This made Rey very upset. She didn’t mind letting her master know.

However, despite moments of vulnerability, Rey was able to resist the temptation of the dark side of the Force and continued to fight for the light. Thus, Rey’s lightsaber could symbolize her inner strength and her ability to stay true to her convictions, even in the most difficult moments.

Theory N°3: the symbol of Rey’s evolution

The theory that the yellow lightsaber symbolizes Rey’s evolution is demonstrated by the final scene of Skywalker’s Ascension. After burying the Skywalker twins’ lightsabers on Tatooine, Rey draws her new yellow lightsaber. This suggests that she is the descendant of all the Jedi and possesses all the knowledge of the Force. This scene suggests that Rey has achieved a level of Force mastery far beyond that which traditional Jedi can attain.

In addition, the scene in which Rey introduces herself as“Rey Skywalker” to a resident of Tatooine shows that she is free of her past. This suggests that Rey has become an accomplished Jedi and capable of mastering the Force.

The rebirth of the Skywalkers

blue lightsaber rey skywalker

At the end of Episode IX: Skywalker’s Ascension, Rey travels to Tatooine to bury the lightsabers of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. This scene is significant in many ways. First of all, it symbolizes the end of an era for the Skywalker family and for the Star Wars saga as a whole. By burying the swords, Rey turns the page on his past and that of his spiritual parents.

In addition, this scene shows Rey choosing to deny her connection to Palpatine, her grandfather, the Sith Emperor. This is a strong choice for the character, who decides to define himself not by his origins, but by his actions and choices. Finally, this scene is also a tribute to the planet Tatooine, the emblematic place of the saga where everything began for the Skywalker family.

Once Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa ‘s lightsabers are buried, Rey pulls out her own yellow lightsaber, declaring her own identity as a Jedi and heir to the Jedi tradition. She took on the identity of a Skywalker. This scene shows Rey fully embracing her role as a guardian of the Force, choosing to follow her own path rather than being controlled by the forces of darkness.

The construction of the yellow lightsaber

yellow lightsaber

The assembly of the lightsaber is an act of creation, a demonstration of skill and perseverance. Rey starts with nothing but her battle staff, but she is determined to forge a weapon worthy of a Jedi. She uses all the skills she learned in her training to design a unique weapon that reflects her character and personality.

Rey’s handcrafted lightsaber, made from his iconic staff, has a unique and original design. Its handle is thick, metallic and grey in color. It is decorated with a fabric strip that ensures a better grip. The slightly rounded pommel on one side of the handle seems rather banal. However, the other end of the handle hides an atypical mechanism to engage the blade’s light beam. Instead of a conventional activation button, the blade transmitter is equipped with a rotary gear. To activate the lightsaber, you must make a sideways sweep with your thumb.

The originality of the weapon came not only from its activator, but also from the yellow tint of its blade, created by a yellow kyber crystal. This unusual coloring was not found among either the Jedi or the Sith, but only among the Jedi temple guards under the Old Republic. This color reflects Rey’s uniqueness as a Jedi, as well as her connection to the older Jedi tradition.

The construction of the lightsaber is also an important moment for Rey. After a long search for his place in the galaxy and his own identity, the creation of his lightsaber symbolizes his realization of his role as a Jedi. Rey now fully assumes her destiny as a peacekeeper.

Yellow lightsaber VS traditional sabers

rey skywalker

The main difference between Rey’s yellow lightsaber and traditional lightsabers is the kyber crystal that powers the blade. The color of a lightsaber has a special meaning and tells about its owner.

Thus, Jedi and Sith generally use kyber crystals in blue, green or red, depending on their affiliation. For example, Vader’s lightsaber is red, which shows his hatred and anger. Or, Obi-Wan’s lightsaber is blue and symbolizes right and bravery.

However, Rey’s kyber crystal is unique and does not belong to any particular group. It could mean:

  • Rey’s inner strength and confidence as a self-taught Jedi
  • a connection to the Jedi temple guards of the Old Republic, suggesting a connection to ancient traditions


Are there any users of the yellow lightsaber other than Rey? 

In the old Star Wars Legends comics, Jedi carrying yellow lightsabers have been seen. Jedi Bastila Shan, for example, used a yellow lightsaber in the video game Knights of the Old Republic. Similarly, the Jedi Jaden Korr used a yellow lightsaber in the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy games. In the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a Jedi Padawan named Katooni also used a yellow lightsaber. Ahsoka Tano also uses one to accompany a green lightsaber during the Clone Wars. 

Are there any users of the yellow lightsaber other than Rey? 

Yes, there are other examples of yellow lightsabers in the franchise, such as the Jedi temple guards in the Old Republic.

How did Rey get the parts she needed to build her lightsaber? 

It is suggested in the movie “Star Wars, Episode IX: Skywalker’s Ascension” that Rey would have recovered the parts of her lightsaber from the remains of Luke Skywalker’s saber and her own staff. However, exactly how she was able to obtain these pieces remains a mystery.